New Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger

Edging System

Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger features
Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger features
Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger features
Huvitz HPE-8000X Edge

Premium Edger

Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger Step Bevel Function

Step Bevel Function

Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger High Curve Function

High Curve Function

Huvitz  HPE-8000X Edger Partial Hybrid Grooving

Partial Hybrid Grooving

The NEW HPE-8000X Edger from Huvitz includes a whole host of features including step bevelling to allow sports wrap frames to be edged to a high standard in house.

High Curve Function

Process sports goggles and sunglasses easily with the Step Bevel Function, the adjustable asymmetric bevel raises the level of consistency between the frame curve and the edge of the lenses.

Adaptive Clamp Chuck

The adaptive clamp chuck of joint configuration minimizes axis twisting and any potential damaging of the lenses.

Customized Mini Bevel

The bevel height is customizable for frames with short groove depth and produces lenses which fit the frame perfectly. (Mini Bevel Height : Min 0.1~Max 0.8mm)

Partial & Hybrid Grooving

A combination of sectional grooving and bevelling helps when processing a variety of frames.

Bidirectional Feeling-Reduce Processing Time

Bidirectional feelers reduce lens thickness time by up to 50% with simultaneous feeling of front and back of the lens.

Powerful Motor

The HPE8000X powerful motor reduces the process time by 20% compared to other models and the more than 1HP offers quick lens processing times.

Highly Efficient CPU

1GHz CPU supports next job management.

Scan & Cut Function

With an increasing demand for all kinds of complicated designs the HPE8000X can scan and cut designs easily.

Concave Shape Processing

Process concave shapes with ease on the HPE8000X within a range of wheel curvature.

Chemistrie Clip Editing

Create a bespoke Mainline Chemistrie magnetic clip on with the user friendly interface. Chemistrie allows a prescription frame to be fitted with a Sun, Reader, Computer or 3D clip using a magnetic lens layering system.

To find out more about the Chemistrie please visit our Vision Centre section of the website.

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